Maestri del Gusto” history deals with women's entrapreneurship in Western Sicily.

The idea rose up when Linda Barcellona, after several years spent abroad working in the fine food field, decided to come back in Sicily to undertake a venture: be part of Sicilian economic reality which is complex and high-potential at the same time. 

While many people were thinking about escaping from Sicily, Linda came back to origins and, with a friend, Marcella Ruffino, pointed out on an ambitious project. They decided to enhance and invest on their land's traditions. That was the spirit in which Maestri del Gusto was born.

From a general research, related to origins of hand-craft traditions of Sicily, from passion for good, natural and original food, went out the idea to enhance all the Mediterranean Sea resources.

“Our Sea” has always been a cross of cultural interchanges, meltin pot of different ethnic realities and traditions, which left traces we nowadays still can find everywhere, from alimentary tradition to different phases of hand-craft transformation. This makes the real difference on quality of finished products arriving to final consumers.

This was the key-theme of Linda and Marcella's intuition.

In a totally indipendent way, they started to search informations and datas on a regional level, about ancient methods of fish transformation in Sicily: fish has always been, in fact, a key element in Mediterranean nutrition system.

Exploring Sicily, from Mazara to Favignana, from Porto Palo of Siracusa to Eolie Islands, they discovered local traditions, just by directly talking with fishermen and fish artisans about hand-production methonds and core problems.

Surely an atypical field of activity for women, an environment which is apparently far away from modern industries.

Thanks to application and determination, research gives significant results and it is immediately widened on a national scale. This brings to make some initial remarks and tests, to consider both great opportunities than problems which were showing up. It's start to be necessary to formulate a coherent method, in order to make credible evaluation on final product's quality, on costs of this business operation and finally on the whole organization to start up.

So briefly told, in 2009 was born Maestri del Gusto, as a proof that passion, perseverance and sacrifice always bring some results.

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